Dee’s Equipment

You are welcome to bring your own equipment (no toy bows, or bows that were not properly fitted for the archer). We provide recurve bows or the Genesis compound beginner bow.  Please note that we are not bow technicians and do not supply accessories if your personal equipment is damaged or needs adjustments. We are happy to recommend a reputable pro shop in the area.

Compound bows


Click above for a quick overview of the Genesis bow that we use in our classes, This page gives a quick overview of the Bow’s features and components.

The Genesis kid’s bow has a design that keeps recoil low and improves accuracy for more enjoyable shooting. It offers enough power for target shooting while remaining easy enough for children to pull back fully. The bow weighs just 3.5 lbs and is comfortable to hold for extended periods even for little ones.

  • Official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®).
  • Great starter bow for archers of all ages, sizes and athletic abilities.
  • With no specific draw length requirement, kids can’t outgrow this bow.


Recurve bows

Recurve bows are a traditional style of bow with curved limbs at the ends of the bow, which help deliver more energy to the arrow, increasing its speed. These bows are popular in the Olympics and other competitive events. Want to try out a modern recurve bow? Just ask during a Dee’s Mobile Archery Event.



Greatree Archery Mohegan Recurve Bows
The Mohegan bow is manufactured of an attractive layering of Maple, Walnut, and Oak woods. The limbs are Maple and White fiberglass. Available in sizes suited from beginner to adult.




Samick Polaris Recurve
A perfect starter bow, designed exactly like the hugely Popular Samick Sage but with white limbs and White Oak Riser for a more unique look and feel.

The popular Polaris youth recurve bow is crafted from Maple and Walnut hardwood and is ideally suited for any young shooter. The convenience of a no-tools takedown system allows easy storage and transport. Arrow shelf is cut-past center and radiused for shooting off-the-shelf, or using an elevated rest. Available in right and left handed.