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Dee Sacchetti

USA Archery Certified Instructor

Her Philosophy, Her Story

With 9 years of experience in the archery industry and over 20 years of experience working with children in various educational settings, Dee Sacchetti  has had plenty of time to develop her own unique style of instructing archery techniques to children of all ages.

Growing up in Rhode Island, she was exposed to archery at an early age by her father who was an avid outdoors man and a bow hunter.  She spent many weekends hanging out with him at the local archery shop, fishing and exploring the wonders of nature.  Most of her childhood days were spent climbing trees, catching insects and connecting with the woods around her.  As a young adult she discovered she had a gift with children and pursued a career in Early Childhood Education.  Dee worked as a preschool teacher in several childcare centers in Massachusetts.  She also worked as a Teacher/Naturalist for The Natural Resource Trust of Easton.  During her years at the NRT, Dee focused her skills on developing a nature learning program for preschool age children.  “Eco Kids”, became a popular program that included indoor and outdoor activities encouraging children to explore nature by using sensory integration.  Dee is currently employed as a Paraprofessional working with moderate to severe Autistic children in a preschool classroom.

In 2013, Dee developed and operated a summer archery camp located in Middleboro, MA.  The camp offered children a unique opportunity to experience the joy of shooting a bow, as well as learning about different disciplines of the sport. Each day started off with a focus on range rules and safety.  The children would spend approximately 2 ½ hours each day developing proper form, correct muscle memory, confidence and enhanced concentration.  The children would advance from shooting blank bales to paper targets, balloons and lastly field and 3-D targets.  Other activities at camp included nature hikes, fishing, and team building games.

In January of 2016, Dee started her own travel archery business. She offers group lessons; birthday parties; Scout groups; camps; 3D Archery; corporate events and adaptive archery for children with special needs. She has run archery programs for Reedy’s Archery; Friends Academy; The Archery Center; Plymouth Parks and Recreation; The Bridge Center; Ted Williams Camp and Hanover public schools.

Liv Bio

Olivia Sacchetti

Olivia shot her first compound bow at age five. Like her mom, Olivia spent many of her younger years hanging out at Reedy's Archery in Middleboro, MA. Olivia shoots a Mission Craze and enjoys shooting 3D and helping her mom out with camps and youth lessons.  Olivia also enjoys hunting side by side with her mom.